About Us


Samaha Group (SG), in cooperation with our Energy Advisors , is a USA corporation centered on the development, advancement, and installation of renewable energy technology worldwide.  Led by Sam Samaha, SG has been a leader in meeting the demands of the world community for the conversion to green and to the implementation of renewable energy.  SG is positioned for the appropriate development of community wide or country wide sustainable energy facilities.  Our work represents an unprecedented economic development opportunity, providing jobs and associated revenue to communities and countries worldwide.  Our team is committed to providing ground breaking technologies to  satisfy the need and further the implementation of renewable energy solutions.

This blend of expertise has designed a platform model comprised of renewable energy systems which are installed using a unique financial model to provide a long term low cost consistent stream of green energy.  (Click here for How It Works).   In collaboration with property owners, governmental entities, and local utility providers we create a win-win-win opportunity for all.