Risk Insurance

INTEC is able to provide a comprehensive guarantee from a large international insurance consortium. Technical availability of machines and equipment are completely guaranteed. 

Covered Risks 

• Delivery of Machinery and Equipment
Applies to the guaranteed delivery of all capital equipment from the manufacturer to the project site. 

• Function
Applies to the guaranteed functionality of all capital equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

• Loss of Profit
Applies to any lost revenues due to the functionality of all capital equipment.

• Installation
Applies to the installation and integration of all capital equipment to manufacturer’s specifications. 

• Performance Guarantee
Applies to the performance of all capital equipment achieving manufacturer’s specifications.

• Commissioning
Applies to meeting turnkey operations on deadline. 

• Quality of Plant Components
Applies to insuring the efficacy of all plant components, installation and turnkey readiness. 

Once a project is identified with the daily tonnage of waste, moisture level, and sales price of the generated electricity per kWh, we are able to get the exposé for details including the technical, commercial, and financial model for the project.