Are there any INTEC W2E systems currently in place in the USA?

Samaha Group is proud to be chosen as the exclusive authorized agent in the USA to introduce the INTEC Engineering GmbH W2E system. A W2E pilot plant ran in Germany for several years for development and data collection. We are currently in discussions with several cities and Counties in California, Texas, and Hawaii.

What types of waste can be used in the Intec W2E system?

All waste except rocks, glass, and metal, which are sorted out in the system. Medical waste is processed separately.

How is the INTEC W2E system different from other W2E systems?

The INTEC W2E system has higher economic efficiency by only using 8% of electricity produced to run the system as opposed to other systems that use 30%-40%. This means 92% of the INTEC W2E system electricity goes towards profit.